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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday- 1940 Census- Hearn Page

It has been way too long since I have posted on this blog, but thought this would be a good time to get started again. What better way than to post family members as I find them on the 1940 census, starting with myself. Yes,  my first name is Frances although I have never used it, always have been Jan or Janet to family and friends. I was named after two great grandmothers, Mary Janett Barwis Carroll and Sarah Frances Chiles Crow.  They both died a few years before I was born.  My grandfather is at the bottom of the first  page. Right above him is Mary Davenport, the widow of one of my husband's ancestors living in the house where I was born in 1939! . Harold had never been to Oklahoma except to drive though until we married in 1987.
I can hardly tear myself away from the computer this week, I am either indexing these wonderful records or looking for family members. What sweet memories this census is bringing back.I remember most of the people on this page as a child growing up in Ada, Oklahoma.

The picture of me was taken five months before the 1940 census at the 321 W. 15th, the address in the census.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday

I have a treasure chest full of family pictures, all special to me. But today this one is all the more special becasue I lost my little "Bud" yesterday.  The picture was taken for our Dad who was in the South Pacific at the time,  so of course we were on on our very best behavior. I will miss you Bud!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sentimental Sunday- Eight Small Boys

Ada Weekly News, April 30, 1925 Ada, Oklahoma

       Eight Small Boys In 1925,
       All in Army, War Work

E. C. Hearn, 321 West Fifteenth has in the last few days been looking fondly at a picture taken in 1925 of eight small boys, all but one barefooted, and thinking a bit abut where those young men are scattered about.
Three of the eight are sons of Mr. and Mrs. Hearn and a fourth is a nephew who had just come in to be with them when the picture was taken. The lads were sitting along a concrete culvert in the 400 block on West Seventeenth. The "littlest" was E.C. Hearn Jr, who was scared or mad or something as he was obviously howling noisily. And where are they now? Either in military service or in defense plants.
E. C Hearn, Jr is with 45th Division.
Jake Hearn is in bombardier school in Santa Ana, California.
Jack Hearn is in defense work in Fort Worth, Texas.
Their cousin J.C. Hearn is in defense work in Mississippi.
Alfred and Wilbourn Crow, sons of Mr. and Mrs. Olin Crow are in the Army, Alfred at Abilene and Wilbourn with the Forty-fifth.
Glen Witcher, son of W. J. Witcher is at Camp Barkley in the Army.
And C. Russell, son of Mrs. W. J. Witcher is with the U.S. Marines at San Diego, California.
(My Dad, Jack Hearn is 4th from the right. Shortly after this picture he joined the Navy and served on the USS Greenwood- De-79). Of the eight boys, two did not survive the war, Alfred Crow and my Uncle Jake Hearn)